Dudu Kouate

Mohamadou Kouatè, in arte Dudù, griot figlio di griot, custode e erede di una tradizione millenaria che ha portato in Italia, sbarcando a Messina nel 1988, musicista dalle doti eccezionali, membro stabile dal 2017 dello storico Art Ensemble of Chicago, racconta, soffia, canta, percuote e suona i suoi mille strumenti con i quali ci conduce in un viaggio alla radice dei suoni degli elementi della terra.
Dudu in solo è stato selezionato per il prestigioso Atlantic Music Expo di Capo Verde lo scorso 10 aprile ha suonato al Palazzo della Cultura dell’isola di Santiago e il prossimo luglio in Marocco al Festival di Assilah

con Eloisa Manera, violino e Daniela Savoldi cello

Mohamadou Kouaté, a.k.a. Dudù, was born in Senegal in 1963. He is a Griot, son of Griots, the heir and custodian of ancient traditions which he brought to Italy when he arrived in Messina (Sicily) in 1988. He is an exceptional musician, permanent member of the historic Art Ensemble of Chicago since 2017. Dudu’ is an incredible story teller and he can sing, play, beat on and blow into thousands of different instruments taking us on a journey to discover the roots of sound. He lives in Bergamo where he has been teaching African percussion, holding workshops, participating and enjoying the ethno jazz scene. He collaborates with renowned musicians such as Arsene Duevi, Enzo Favata, Eloisa Manera, Massimiliano Milesi, Guido Bombardieri, and recently he premiered at LAC Lugano alongside with Giovanni Falzone.


con Eloisa Manera, violino e Daniela Savoldi cello
Africation establishes the full musical maturity and constitutes the first step of a new artistic phase of Dudù Kouatè. Born of a family of griots, the Kouatè, singers in charge of carrying on the traditions and traditional stories of their people.
Dudù interprets the role assigned to him by tradition and makes him re-live in a modern and multicultural key: in fact the songs are mostly sung in his mother tongue, Wolof, with some references to Bambarà and phrases in French and Italian, and express an intense charge emotional thanks also to the use of new and original sounds.
The Senegalese artist says “I’m born percussionist but over time I have also explored other string and wind instruments. This album stems from a need to start from myself, it is a sort of introspective journey that opens a new phase of my life”.

In addition to the texts of the individual songs, what is striking about Africation is that it is shaped on one symphony of instruments, a polyphony that creates magical and reminiscent atmospheres: from the Berber lute (xalam) to kanjira, from djembè to traditional African wind instruments and to the didgeridoo which symbolically they kidnap the listener bringing him to an unexplored and involving dimension.

Linked to the need to explore culturally distant worlds, the African one and the European one, in this Dudù project avails itself of the collaboration of two young musicians. The violinist Eloisa Manera e the cello player Daniela Savoldi to create a special alchemy between African origins and instruments European classics. The trio takes the listener by the hand and with his look accompanies him on a virtual journey into the African sounds reworked with style and originality: changing rhythms and harmonies take flight to emotions.

This perspective makes it possible to see, almost ideally, the suburbs of Dakar, natural landscapes, the savannah, the desert, the villages and the stories of humanity.

Mohamadou Kouatè, in art Dudù, born in Senegal in 1963, is a griot son of griot, custodian and heir of a thousand-year tradition that he brought to Italy, disembarking in Messina in 1988. 


Exceptional musician, stable member since 2017 of the historic Art Ensemble of Chicago, is able to tell, blow, sing, beat and play thousand instruments making us fly on a journey to the root of sounds. He lives in Bergamo where has been teaching African percussions, holding seminars and enjoying and living the ethno jazz scene collaborating with musicians such as Eloisa Manera, Massimiliano Milesi, Guido Bombardieri, and lately he premiered in Lugano LAC along with Giovanni Falzone. 


Mohamadou Kouatè, na arte Dudù, nascido no Senegal em 1963, é um griot filho de griot, guardião e herdeiro de uma tradição de mil anos que ele trouxe para a Itália, desembarcando em Messina em 1988. 


Músico excepcional, membro da historical Art Chicago Ensemble, é capaz de dizer, soprar, cantar, bater e tocar milhares de instrumentos, fazendo-nos voar em uma jornada para a raiz dos sons. Ele mora em Bergamo, Italia aonde ensina percussões africanas, organiza seminários, aprecia  e vive a cena etno-jazz colaborando com músicos como Eloisa Manera, Massimiliano Milesi, Guido Bombardieri, ele estreou em Lugano LAC junto com Giovanni Falzone. 



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