A social, cultural, therapeutic service for everyone

If Culture truly is Food for the Soul, then it is essential to make it available to everyone Just like food! Street by street, house-by-house, highrise by high-rise, square by square, historical site by historical site. A bit of technological wizardry, the artists at the proper distance… and a bit of flair. All in perfect safety.

Music delivery

Let’s free the musicians and send them out to meet people. All the public needs to do is look out the window or go out on their balcony and enjoy the show. Music on the move with its agility, happiness and airiness arrives at your doorstep and activates the spirit of the community.
Television in the dining room, cell phone in the hand and music on the move down in the street, where it moves sprightly and fights the depression brought on by the virus.

The setups and the ideas can be applied to all types of live shows. We can set up theatrical situations and create beauty right where people livelovework and take refuge.
We make the improbable happen, that improbable that makes life special: we set up our light, turn on the spotlights and make Magic.

All of this on live social media, of course, to unite the virtual with reality.

There is a place and a need of everyone. There is a need to show what is usually hidden, behind the scenes, to talk about it and break that fifth barrier right in the square, talking to the people looking out their windows. It is necessary to give the liberal Arts their rightful value as a fundamental component of a Culture, and the rightful social, cultural and civil value to those who keep them alive during normal times as well as exceptional circumstances.


“This is a beautiful example for the world of artists uplifting communities through their art to find joy, grieve, and heal. This is what we all need right now. ”

Director of Public Programs at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

” They move around by any means which allow them to connect to one another. On wheels or wings. Because when sounds strike the air it’s like flying.”


“We need music in our lives. Musicamobile is very inspiring both for the global music industry and for the audience being able to experience the joy and strength of music, music that heals, unites, music that brings hope for better days to come. Music on the street, right in front the house you live. Bravo!

Festival Director Oslo World

From 2010 till recently, we have successfully promoted and executed these live events at our Festival: Milano, La Città che Sale, Suoni Mobili, Monza Visionaria, Allegro and Altemarche.
We now wish to bring the knowledge and experience of these proven events within everyone’s reach and expand our local actions to the national and international level, for our communities and our historic sites.


A tractor with a trailer becomes a moving stage. With a band or a choir together with bales of hay of course! We do not wait for the audience to come to us but we go looking for it up and down the countryside.


Originally, it was a drum set up only, but then other options were added on the truck, which slowly meandered through the narrow streets to bring music to the people through the windows of their cars and homes.


A mobile DJ set up with 6000W of power, a DDJ SX Pioneer console, laptop, with pedal assist, LED lights and researchable battery with
a 6 hours lifespan. Mobile musical happiness with a very low carbon footprint.


A piano can quietly stay in a studio, living room or concert hall… instead the “mobile piano” is free to travel under clear skies to cities, towns and villages and bring a concert at every stop.


Whether amongst the stalls of a street market, in the streets of a city center, in the yards of rural villages or housing projects, or in a sleepy rural town, musicians and dancers share a single purpose: to bring joy and wonder to the audiences.


Concerts from balconies or windows to overcome the walls that appear unassailable and separate us in our homes. Music that unites, calls and invites us to be a community and in community experience a
special concert.


“Deh vieni alla finestra” Under the balcony, on the doorstep, from the narrowest street to the largest avenue, an age-old way to musically renew a loving gesture, not necessarily unique.


An innovative way to propose an individual “guided tour” with wireless headphones. The public is free to choose their favorite channel and tour the sites with an original soundtrack/ narration especially created for the particular site.